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Only Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Pack Is Enough?

Microsoft introduces its Office compatibility pack to Office 2003 users, which granting them the ability to open documents of Office 2007. Otherwise 2003 users can not open the files made with Office 2007.

As we known, Office 2007 reforms its interface so extensively that many users hang back. Even if a skilled employee familiar with Office can not adapt the new layout of toolbars and menus at once. Without help it may takes several days to learn it or have training. In fact, the new interface is more convenient and easy for using if you are familiar with it. Furthermore, the functions of Office 2007 are much stronger than that of Office 2003.

Office 2007 compatibility pack just can open and save Office 2007 documents, and other primary functions, while users give up many advanced features for insisting on the old interface. Office 2007 is the trend, do not make yourself out.

Do not worry, I know you are afraid of the dizzy interface of Office 2007, accepting Office 2007 means your work efficiency will drop or your can not work in period. Some can not bear low work efficiency and must finish their work quickly.

Come on and try Classic Menu for Office 2007. It is a good helper bringing back the classic menu of Office 2003, and makes you enjoy the more advanced functions and familiar toolbars. One stone, two birds! With it you can quickly work with the old classic menu of office 2003 and learn the new toolbars and menu without affecting your wok finishing. And more much than this, Classic Menu is a bridge leading you from Office 2003 to Office 2007. Exchange the classic menu of Office 2003 and that of Office 2007 freely.

In fact, with the new interface of Office 2007, if you are familiar with it, you will finish your work more rapidly and make your works much better. All roads lead to Roman. If you persist on Office 2003 for high work efficiency, why not try new tools let your work more quickly?

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