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Which One Is More Economic, Microsoft Office 2007 Converter or Classic Menu?

Office 2007 converter makes you transfer office 2007 document to Office 2003 files, which is designed for Office 2003 users to converting Office 2007 files. Classic Menu for Office 2007 is a tool that brings back classic menu of Office 2003 to Office 2007, help Office 2007 users adapting Office 2007 quickly and easily.

Which one can save more money for you? It is not a simple question, do not rush answering. Let’s see more details about this question:
Office 2007 converter is useful for Office 2003, offsetting upward incompatibility of Office 2003. For Office 2003 users, it seems economic and solves big problems for them. Well, it is really economic?
Since two years ago Office 2007 has been released, its advanced features and considerate design are attracting a number of users. More and more customers, friends and colleagues turn to Office 2007? Don't be out!

For organizations and companies, Classic Menu for Office 2007 will save the expense of training employees and improve their efficiency.  

For personal use, Classic Menu for Office 2007 will make you get familiar with the new interface of Office 2007 more smoothly and quickly. It will improve your work efficiency and save your time. Apart from these, those advanced functions of Microsoft Office 2007 will make your works more artistic and more natural, of course it is much easier to design and finish your work. The new dizzy interface makes us depressed, why not get the help of Classic Menu for Office 2007? Come on and try it!

Both of Office 2007 converter and Classic Menu for Office 2007 are useful and smart tools for us. As I think, which one is more economic depends on which Office version you choose.

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