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New Reference Drop Down Menu in Word 2007 and Word 2010

Reference menu is a new menu in Classic Menu for Word 2007 and 2010. This menu comes from Insert drop down menu of Word 2003. To be in conformity with new Reference Tab in Word 2010 , We create Reference drop down menu and add it into classic menus in Word 2010.

image of Reference menu in Word 2010 Reference Dropdown Menu in Word 2010

image about Reference of Insert Menu in Word 2003
Reference of Insert Menus in Word 2003


Reference dropdown menu in Word 2010 remains those Reference items of Word 2003. So some items are not strange for us, such as Insert Footnote.


The new Index and Tables of Reference dropdown Menu in Word 2010 is completely same as Index and Tables in Word 2003. And the following Table of Contents, Add Text, and Update Table… are functional expansion of Index and Tables.


Insert Footnote is also same as Footnote in Word 2003. But Insert Endnote, Next Footnote, and Footnote and Endnote Dialog… are new ones in Reference Menu of Word 2010.


Apart from these ones, Classic Menu in Word 2010 brings in various items into Reference Menus of Word 2010: Insert Citation, Manage Sources…, Bibliography, index, and Table of Authorities. Insert Citation contains two sub-items: Add New Source… and Add New Placeholder…

image of Insert Citation of Reference menu in Word 2010

The new index includes three options: Mark Entry…, Insert Index…, and Update Index.

image about Index of Reference menu in Word 2010

Classic Menu in Word 2010 enhances the function of Captions, and expends its function to four as follow:

  • Insert Caption…
  • Insert Table of Figures…
  • Update Table
  • Cross reference.

image about Captions of Reference menu in Word 2010

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